1. Christopher Hanson

    I really enjoyed this article. Sam Newpher is my boss at Daytona International Speedway. I am Sam’s irrigation man. He is a terrific boss and growing up in Florida pre Marlins, pre Rays we all cheered for the Braves. I love to ask Sam about his days at Fulton County Stadium, he generously shares stories with me about the ball players of my childhood. He called me into his office very early this morning to show me this article, he was beaming with pride. Like then Sam stays up to the minute with weather reports only now via computer. Thanks for the story.
    Christopher Hanson
    Daytona International Speedway
    Irrigation Department

  2. Hi Christopher:

    Thanks for the comment and the kind words. It was a pleasure speaking with Sam about the game and his career. Great guy! I was glad to hear he enjoyed the story and his part in the game. He does great work and deserves the recognition. — John

  3. John – Rick Camp was drafted by the Braves in 1974 and debuted with them in 1976.

  4. You are right on, Nick. That was a terrible oversight on my part. I am grateful you picked it up and pointed it out to me. Thanks!

  5. I was on the Grounds Crew back then and also worked in the front office. What a day, we had as an office ran the Peachtree Road Race that morning worked the holiday in the office and then went down stairs to do my Ground Crew gig. I think like 7 tarp pulls later we all decided to go to the Dwarf House (Original Chick-Fil-A) and have breakfast and return to work for a quick nap and shower before starting the day again. A day I’ll never forget. We lost Camp last week a really good guy who gave back to the Braves and their Foundation and this week our dear friend Sam Newpher came up to visit Turner Field. He parked where his greounds crew office would had been at old AFCS when he was here 24 years ago. Good to reminice about those days and even this game. I really l look forward to a Braves July 4th game as this game is always recounted by the announcers and surely will this year with Rick’s passing. A really fine article on a great night in Atlanta Braves lore.

  6. Bill Hetrick

    I worked for the AA Jackson Mets from 1980-85, and made the trip to Atlanta for the game. Most amazing thing I’ve ever witnessed. I left the ballpark twice to go back to the my hotel and change clothes after getting soaked during the rain delays. Late in the game I was able to move down to three rows behind home plate and was sitting there when Straw and Davey were thrown out. Darryl had played in Jackson in 1982 and Davey managed the 1981 Jackson team. I could hear every word exchanged between them and Tata. Last weekend, I spent the day with Darryl who was back in Mississippi for a speaking engagement. We talked about this game, and specifically what he and Tata said to each other. Darryl: “That was not a strike.” Tata: “It is at 2:30 am.” Darryl: (something like BS). Tata: “you;re out of here.” Most incredible game I have ever attended, great to be able to reminisce with Darryl about it.

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