If hindsight is 20/20 then San Francisco Giants general manager Brian Sabean might need to get an eye exam if Sidney Ponson does not live up to expectation in the post season.
With the final minutes ticking away before the July 31 trading deadline, Sabean announced that the Giants had acquired Sidney Ponson from the Baltimore Orioles for former No. 1 draft pick Kurt Ainsworth, Damian Moss and minor league pitcher Ryan Hannaman.


In October 2004 Magglio Ordonez sold his talents to agent Scott Boras. Now, it’s Boras’ turn to sell MLB teams on Ordonez.

For Boras, this job will require more planning and a convincing sales strategy. Ordonez, 30, one of the American League’s most consistent hitters from 1999-2003, is coming off a injury-shortened season in which he played in just 52 games for the White Sox. Since his first full season in the majors (1998), he has never played in fewer than 145 games in a single season.


Listening to Gary Huckabay talk about the evolution of Baseball Prospectus you’d think he was reading from the script to Jerry Maguire.
“I had pitched Billy Beane with doing baseball consulting almost immediately after he became general manager of the A’s,” remembers Huckabay in a recent phone interview. “I was with a company called Pete Marwick, which used to be one of the big eight accounting firms and now it’s down to the big four consulting firms, they turned into KPMG.”