Listening to Gary Huckabay talk about the evolution of Baseball Prospectus you’d think he was reading from the script to Jerry Maguire.
“I had pitched Billy Beane with doing baseball consulting almost immediately after he became general manager of the A’s,” remembers Huckabay in a recent phone interview. “I was with a company called Pete Marwick, which used to be one of the big eight accounting firms and now it’s down to the big four consulting firms, they turned into KPMG.”


“No one will argue about who baseball’s greatest Commissioner is. It is the ninth Commissioner, Bud Selig. Nine is obviously a magic number for baseball – the number of players on the field, the number of innings in a game, and the ninth Commissioner symbolizes the magic fo baseball himself … The office of Commissioner of Baseball is today and will ever be the lengthening shadow of Bud Selig. And when people ask, ‘When was baseball’s Golden Age?’ those of us who have been privileged to be involved in it in this age will be able to answer unequivocally, ‘We have lived through it.’ Baseball’s golden age coincides with Bud Selig’s Commissionership in no small measure because of the service he has rendered to the sport.” — Pulitzer Prize winning author and baseball fan George Will

When Bud Selig’s name echos over the public address system at any Major League ballpark, a resounding hum of boos fill the air. Simply put, baseball fans don’t like him.