I love the mystery of Sandy Koufax.

Since I was born in 1964, just two years prior to his retirement, I never had the chance to see Koufax pitch live. Of course, I’ve seen still photos and a grainy black-and-white video of Game 7 of the 1965 World Series win over the Minnesota Twins. I have read stories but, still, as a baseball fan, I’ve always wished I could have seen Koufax pitch.

Ray Kinsella’s Field of Dreams wish was to have a catch with his Dad. Mine: Box seats at Dodgers Stadium on a midsummer night and Koufax on the mound. That’s my personal Field of Dreams wish.

What’s yours?


Wednesday night in Los Angeles was classic Hollywood. On the final night of the regular season, the Golden State Warriors made history, breaking the Chicago Bulls record for regular season wins (73); Stephen Curry recorded his 400th three-pointer; and Kobe Bryant played his final NBA game.