With what you’ve been through since 2013, was there a point where you didn’t think you’d get back to this point?

MATT HARVEY: I think the biggest worry was when I was deciding if I was going to have surgery or not. Obviously it took about two months to finding out I had a slight tear to actually going in and having surgery. So I think in those two months there was probably a lot of things that went through my head, if I was going to be the same player or same pitcher or even close to coming back. Once I decided I wanted to have surgery, all those doubts and thoughts and especially negative thoughts definitely went out the window. I knew I was going to go see the best surgeon in the world and have the best staff behind me and training program. From then on it was kind of a no-doubter that I knew I’d be back.


The atmosphere in the Ed Sullivan Theatre sounded more like Citi Field as the audience broke out into a chant of “Let’s Go Mets.” Kimmel tried to break in and continue the interview, but the crowd overwhelmed him much to the delight of David Wright (look at his face).

The interview with Wright, Jacob deGrom, Wilmer Flores and Matt Harvey was fun and light-hearted. At one point, Kimmel asked the guys, “How the hell did this happen?” To which Wright quickly quipped, “Ya’ Gotta Believe!”