Ryan Braun is uncomfortable talking about how he deceived, conspired, concealed, evaded and lied to the Milwaukee Brewers ownership, his teammates, fans and the baseball world. But that’s a short list of “I’m sorry’s” compared to the 133 million reasons he has to press on. Braun is under contract with the Brewers through 2020 during which time he will earn — are you sitting down? — $133 million.

When he finally stepped in front of cameras this past week, some four months after being suspended by Major League Baseball for using performance-enhancing drugs, and expressed contrition, don’t believe it.  He really doesn’t care what you, or I, think.


The last time I spoke to R.A. Dickey it was 2010. It was a late spring morning in Port St. Lucie and he was sitting, legs crossed, on a wooden stool, Mets pinstripe pants, three-quarter sleeved t-shirt, stirrups, no shoes, quietly gnawing on a hot dog and eating baked beans off a paper plate in front of his temporary “space” in the New York Mets locker room. From a distance, Dickey appeared lost and alone amongst the anxious rookies and loud overconfident veterans. In hindsight, he probably was — at that moment in time.